Get value out of your retrospectives

And maybe have fun doing it

Retrospective is a strong tool and yet many are not working.Find out how to get value out of yours

Agile is all about inspecting and adapting, and a really good tool for this is retrospectives. Yet retrospectives can be boring, ineffective, blame games etc.

In this workshop you will learn how to avoid it and use retrospectives for what it is meant for: learning and improving. We will look at some of the anti-patterns of a retrospective – I will bring some examples and I am sure, you will have a lot more. And then we will look at how to avoid this.

First thing is good structure. For the last decade my starting point has been the five steps from the book “Agile retrospectives. Making good teams great” by Diana Larsen and Esther Derby.

Then having good actions points and following up on these.

That is basically it – and as usual it is easier said than done. Therefore we will have lots of exercises in the workshop, so you will learn to build your own toolbox as I share my tips and tricks. It is helpful if you have at least been in a retrospective before - and if not you will try it out here.


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