NOV. 8 – 13, 2020


Creativity, Imagination, and Creating Better Test Ideas

How to increase your creativity when trying to generate how to test a product.

Have you ever seen a bug that was found by a customer and thought: Really? Why would they have done THAT? or Why didn’t I think of that? It’s possible that you missed testing for that scenario not because of a lack of time or resources but instead because you lacked the creativity to imagine the substantially different ways your customers might try – or will try - to use your product(s). In this workshop, Paul & Damian will show ways to improve your creativity and imagination.

Based on years of experience and multiple various workshops and exercises they have created some approaches and ideas on how to identify new and creative test ideas. There will be hands on exercises to demonstrate the effectiveness of avoiding reading the detailed specifications (at least initially), of brain storming, and of using past test experiences to prevent future issues. They will also show how certain principles of improvisation – spontaneous performances created in the moment - can help foster creativity, produce more and better test ideas, and even apply and help outside of a testing context, too.

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