Be a Detective, use Forensic Sciences, Improve your skills

Become a detective in our crime scene to become a better tester!

Become better software tester by learning the fun way from the field of ForensicSciences.

It’s a dark day at the Agile Testing Days 2018. A crime has occurred! We now have a crime scene at our conference. And, we are desperately trying to find out who did it and need your help with this! Luckily there are a lot of clues all around the scene. Will you solve the mystery and help us find who did it? Why they did it? When they did it? 

This workshop will be all about exploring the parallels between software testing and the
world of detectives and forensic sciences. We will look at what different ways there are
to solve this mystery, like:
- How Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson would have solved the mystery;
- How CSI would do there investigation to find the perpetrator;
- H ow to hack & investigate computer devices to find digital information.

We will deepdive in how Detectives and Forensic sciences work, like: How do they spot
so many details? How do they analyze the amount of information they see in crime
scenes? How do they identify relevant information? What is their thought process? As
software testers, we do not focus on solving crimes or capturing serial killers.
Nonetheless, analyzing these detectives, their habit, and thought process, can help us
investigate information properly, decide where to better spend our time, and deliver
high quality software in time-constrained situations.

This interactive workshop will be about finding clues and solving the mystery while
learning during your discovery of the crime scene. Tagging evidence, looking for more
information with the UV light and finding evidence on the body are all part of your
testing job today. During your investigation we will provide information on techniques
used by detectives, forensic sciences. Become a better tester by learning & experience their techniques.