November 10 – 12, 2020

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Geoffrey van der Tas

Geoffrey van der Tas

Geoffrey is an enthusiastic professional and a real explorer. As an explorer he likes to discover new things, learn more and get inspired. With this knowledge he hopes to inspire others and teaching them from his explorer view. Geoffrey has a great learning capacity, his current interest is in leadership with agile environments & helping companies to become more agile.

His main expertise is in agile software testing, helping teams to deliver quality and implementing the agile/DevOps mindset. Last years he has mainly focused his efforts to become an expert for testing in agile/DevOps environments. His knowledge comes from working as a Trainer and Agile Test Coach within ING and Sogeti. But also holds different certificates in agile & Scrum. Within Ordina he is trainer for test related, DevOps & agile trainings which are created partially by himself.


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