NOV. 3 – 8, 2019


Viktorija Manevska

Viktorija Manevska

Viktorija Manevska is known as a leader of change. She works as a software Quality Assurance Consultant at beQualified in Germany, provider of professional solutions and services in the field of Software Quality Assurance. In July 2015, she became a professional Scrum Master. She has a lot of energy and bursts with new ideas, never short of enthusiasm. Her greatest passion is to guide her team to be independent and able to adopt cutting-edge methods. Her goal is to develop a team which would understand change as a learning process rather than a goal.

Viki enjoys meeting new people and traveling. In her free time she loves watching animation movies, mountaineering and do volunteering. You can contact her on LinkedIn or follow her on Twitter.

Sessions Hosted by Viktorija Manevska

150-min Workshop

Advanced session

Wednesday 6th
Room E2 + E3 - Track 5: Workshops

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