NOV. 3 – 8, 2019


Torsten Mangner

Torsten Mangner

Torsten is an agile test consultant, who spent the last 12 years on projects as a Tester, Developer, Coach, Automation Engineer or Click Monkey.

He loves working in agile environments and is constantly trying to pivot his approach to quality, so he co-founded a consultancy agency dedicated to agile practices and software quality: @inoxio

On his current project, at one of Germany’s biggest online retailers, he is working in a cross-functional team. Together they are facing the challenges of developing, testing, monitoring and operating a polyglot microservices architecture.

Sessions Hosted by Torsten Mangner

15-minute Consensus Talk

Advanced session

14:25-14:40 Wednesday 14th Room F1 - Track 1: New Voices

7-minute Lightning Talk

Beginner session

14:25-14:35 Thursday 15th Room F1 - Track 1: New Voices

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