Patryk Raba

Patryk Raba
Patryk Raba is a QA & Release Domain Lead at Bragi and a Test Engineer with over 10 years of experience in crowd testing, IT consulting, and team leadership. [He/She] holds a BA in Informatics and various certifications, such as ISTQB®. He has been involved in the QA field since 2013, transitioning to Release management just a year ago and leading QA/Release management efforts since then. Patryk Raba is also highly active in the crowdtesting community, working as a Test Engineer for one of the largest companies in the industry worldwide. He is passionate about mobile app testing, owning a device lab with 80 mobile devices, and managing a similar solution at Bragi for remote headphones testing. In his free time, Patryk manages various online projects, including one of the largest Minecraft communities in Poland.

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