November 10 – 12, 2020

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Maximilian Thumfart

Maximilian Thumfart

Maximilian Thumfart is the Technical Director of Building Information Modeling at thinkproject! He and his team are responsible for developing a cloud based BIM collaboration solution for the construction industry. Prior to thinkproject! Maximilian worked at Thornton Tomasetti, where he was the lead developer of the company’s R&D group CORE Studio. In 2016, Maximilian co-founded Konstru, a SaaS company that offers a cloud-based collaboration and data management platform for structural engineers. From 2011 to 2015 he built the computational design management group at HENN architects in Berlin, Munich and Beijing. His work has been published in books like ‘Building Information Modeling’ Borrmann et al. Maximilian studied studied Computer Science and Architecture in Berlin and London. Apart from his work Maximilian maintains several Open Source projects which are widely adopted across the industry like Grevit and developed part of Dynamo Revit components.

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