November 10 – 12, 2020

Online Edition!


Matthew Broadley

Matthew Broadley

Matthew tests software at Allan Gray in Cape Town

He started in IT as a business analyst and found his true-tester-self two years later, in 2014, and has loved the testing craft ever since.

Being inspired by a Let’s Test conference years ago, he founded the Cape Town Testing meetup ( community in an attempt to share the essence of what he felt at the conference with his local contemporaries.

Matthew is passionate about bringing people together and creating a platform for testers to feel pride in their craft, to share inspiration and excellence in testing. He creates fun spaces for testers to find identity and guidance in a traditionally difficult technical and historical context.

His community-focused initiative has led him to be part of the small Let’s Test South Africa conference planning team.

Matthew is a difficult-question-asker, a fighter-for-the-user, and a cat-herd-rally’er.

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