Inma Alarcón (she/her/her)

Inma Alarcón

CTO & TAST product owner @ SIPSA

My name is Inma Alarcon Torres, CTO of SIPSA and TAST (Test Automation System Tool) product Owner. I am a Telecommunications Engineer (E.T.S.I.T - U.P.M) and throughout my professional career I have specialised in Quality, Testing and Test Automation. I started developing test applications to test the telephony services of the main European Telco companies, and that's where I started to develop the idea of defining a product that would allow to perform automatic tests in a simple way, without having to know how to program, in order to make the testing process efficient and to reuse all the knowledge that functional testers have. Due to the comings and goings of the economy and the crisis, I went on to work in process consulting and quality assurance for large organisations (Ericsson, Grupo Santander, BMW, Vodafone, etc.), which led me to complete my profile and understand the impact of technological evolution in organisations of all sizes. In 2017, from SIPSA, I had the opportunity to make the product TAST (Test Automation System Tool - "my son 😊") the test automation tool that we are implementing in organisations of all sizes to cover test automation in transformation projects, a reality. And because it's not all work, I describe myself as an enthusiastic, enterprising and hard-working person who, apart from being passionate about her work: quality, testing, automation and efficiency, likes to enjoy family and friends, sport (I'm a triathlete) and music, I play the tenor trombone and dare to play the drums.

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