NOV. 3 – 8, 2019


Elena Kolpakova

Elena Kolpakova

Elena is a successful and experienced agile tester, a test coach, a speaker, a hobbyist musician, and simply a friendly girl.

With her dad being a software developer, Elena started her testing career practically since the very birth. Her deep technical background in maths, physics, and computer science was formed at the Moscow State Univerisity and shaped her interest in testing as a professional activity. 

Over the last ten years, Elena had a chance to work for multitude of projects and teams, on various positions, in several countries, following different processes, performing all kinds of testing activities. In addition, she's a BBST Foundations and an RSTI successful graduate, a regular participant of ATD events, and a strong supporter of the agile testing principles and agile community as a whole.

Nowadays, Elena's interested in sharing the gained expertise with the rest of the world.

Sessions Hosted by Elena Kolpakova

30-minute Talk

Advanced session

Friday 8th
Room F3 - Track 3: Future Topics

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