November 10 – 12, 2020

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Cirilo Wortel

Cirilo Wortel

Cirilo Wortel is a freelance agile test consultant and trainer from the Netherlands. He is specialised in agile practices and test automation and an adept of modern requirements techniques, such as Impact Mapping, Specification by Example/BDD.

Cirilo started in IT in 1996 and first got involved in Agile software development in 2006, which was an important landmark in his career. He has been working in the Agile context ever since.

The past years Cirilo tries to balance between being a hands-on practitioner, next to actively coaching teams (sometimes at large scale), always with strong focus on improving quality in the broadest sense.

In 2009 Cirilo founded the Federation of Agile Testers in short FAT-NL, which is the largest Agile Testing user group in the Netherlands.


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