November 10 – 12, 2020

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Christoph Börner

Christoph Börner

Christoph Börner is the founder of Botium and former CEO of the company Testplus. In his function as leader of the departments development and testing, he focusd on mobile testing, testautomation, crowd- and community-testing.

Together with Florian Treml he is actually inventing Botium, the upcoming industry standard in testautomation for chatbots. After Selenium for websites and Appium for apps, Botium is the next logical step for bots. And, it's also open source!

To give something back to the community, Christoph formed the ViennaMobileQualityCrew in 2014 which is still the leading knowledge network for mobile quality assurance in Austria.

Apart from that Christoph studied at the Technical University of Vienna and has lots of experience in developing and testing software.

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