Bjorn Boisschot

Bjorn Boisschot

Solution Architect @ CTG

Bjorn is an IT professional with more than 15 years’ experience in quality assurance and how this fits into the software development cycle.

He started as a test automation engineer and quickly was bitten by the question of how test automation can deliver the most value. This has led him on a road to discover the links between development best practices and how QA can leverage these.

I have contributed a chapter to ‘Experiences of test automation” (book by Dorothy Graham & Mark Fewster). One of the things I love most is to be on stage (at customers or conferences) and talk about my experiences. I have done this at several testing related congresses such as Eurostar, TestConf Moscow, SQDays, QAFest, ExpoQA, Begian Testing Days, Experience Day and many internal CTG events. My last presentation at Eurostar was rated as the second-best presentation at the event with a score of 9,27/10.

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