Aleksander Uriel Dudek

Aleksander Uriel Dudek

I have split and put together a computer when I was around 7 years old. 
I am "carry internet in the buckets" years old. 

I wasn't going to become programmer. Even though I started writing my first console programs around 14 years old instead of using my summer time. 

No regrets ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I was uneasy child and had lots of energy that led me to have various interests. Among those since 16 years old I have started learning what today some call "mindfulness", "relaxation" and "meditation". 
I didn't want to become programmer, but life decisions actually led me to do that job.

I worked as a corporate rat, freelancer and had my own startup. I collected various experiences and maybe have something worth sharing with other of my IT kin. In my evangelization I preach for wellbeing. That means for me balance of body, mind and spirit. That can be achieved by any means necessary.... even if they are naughty or reaching grey areas.

Not such thing as good or bad, right ;)? 

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