Adrián Ferrera (he/him/his)

Adrián Ferrera

Head of Software Development @ Lean Mind

Adrián Ferrera is a professional passionate about software development and continuous improvement. He began his career in the consulting field, where he worked on projects aimed at positively contributing to society. During this time, Adrián developed a deep interest in software quality and its impact on delivering value to users. Over time, he decided to specialize in software testing and quality, recognizing the fundamental role they play in creating robust and reliable products. This passion led him to join Lean Mind, a leading company in agile practices and continuous improvement, where he was able to deepen his knowledge and skills in the area of testing. Motivated by the concern to contribute value to society, he began to give talks and share his knowledge at conferences and community events, perfecting not only his technical skills, but his communication skills with the intention of inspiring other people. His commitment to excellence and ability to inspire others led him to take on a leadership role within his team at Lean Mind. As a leader, Adrián not only focuses on delivering exceptional results, but also works tirelessly to foster an environment of collaboration, learning, and professional growth.

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