Speaker Preparation Workshop Part 2

Bonus Session


3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. Tuesday 19th


"Fritze" Pub

Activities and workshops for speakers - make your message and delivery even better with playful (and challenging) things to do.

An afternoon of workshops and activites, some welcoming, some more challenging, all sharing.


Part 2: sharing workshops focussed on the talks to be delivered at ATD.

  • Making your key content even more memorable
  • Feedback – do your talk in 2 minutes, get feedback, do it again
  • Polish your presentation
  • Visualising your talk structure
  • Practice Q&A



  • Helping your audience to focus on your content
  • Being a better speaker
  • Feeling more comfortable on stage
  • Useful feedback on your own talk

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