Fresh air & Self care I

Active Session

Join me for a short stroll in the vicinity of the hotel during the lunch break. I will guide you on a app. 20 min stroll.


12:55 p.m. – 1:20 p.m. Wednesday 20th


Meet @ Hotel Entrance - Outdoor Session


Everyone, 'cause everyone needs fresh air and a break now and then


  • With Fresh air & Self care you'll be more likely to gain more knowledge for the rest of the day

Are you in need of fresh air and maybe a quiet time during the lunch break, but not feeling safe or comfortable on strolling of by yourself?

At this time of day you have already been hit with a massive amount of information and impressions - enough to get information overload.
You know you still have the entire afternoon, then maybe a short break around dinner, and then the party, game night, or what ever is on during the night.
Feeling exhausted? Need to get outside for a moment..... but not really comfortable about leaving the hotel by yourself?
Then come join me for a short stroll in the vicinity of the hotel during the lunch break. I will guide you on an approximately 20 minute stroll around the neighborhood - we will be back in plenty of time for the keynote. It is all up to you wether you want to talk to someone or you just want to be quite and maybe reflect over the sessions so far - it is all up to you, and please respect each other for their choice. Its just a short guided break to "freshen up" your brain.
We will meet up in the lobby by the meeting point - wearing appropriate clothing for the weather conditions - I will be there come sun, rain or snow.

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