AI vs Gilded Rose: Future of Testing or Just a Thorny Path

25-minute Talk

Explore AI's role in software testing through the Gilded Rose Kata: its capabilities, challenges, ethical considerations, and future potential for enhancing quality and innovation.

Virtual Pass session


2:45 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. Wednesday 20th


Room F2 - Track 2: Talks


Software testers, QA engineers


  • AI in Testing: Explore AI's capabilities and improvements in software testing.
  • AI Challenges: Learn about AI's limitations and the importance of human oversight in testing.
  • Ethical AI: Understand ethical issues in AI testing, such as bias and transparency.
  • Future Potential: Discover how AI can transform software testing, overcoming current limits.
  • AI Evaluation: Gain insights into assessing AI's test coverage and automation effectiveness.

Since the release of ChatGPT in the fall of 2022, AI has become a colossal hype topic. The speculation about whether, how, and when software testers could be replaced by AI has been a subject of discussion for years. This talk aims to shed light on these questions through practical experimentation, specifically using the Gilded Rose Kata. The Gilded Rose Kata is a programming exercise that offers a comprehensive yet understandable challenge for testers and developers alike, focusing on managing the quality and sale deadlines of items in a fictional store while emphasizing adaptable and extendable code quality.

Through conducting various experiments with AI on the Gilded Rose Kata, I try to answer key questions: How well can AI test? Can it create tests, and how effectively? What are its weaknesses? Can it automate tests, and to what extent? What does it require to do so, such as requirements in specific formats or source code? And, importantly, how comprehensive is the test coverage? This exploration also assesses the automation process's feasibility and completeness.

This talk also addresses the challenges encountered when utilizing AI in software testing. We delve into ethical considerations such as bias, fairness, and transparency within testing processes. Moreover, I will provide insights into the potential future of AI-supported software testing, discussing how to surpass current limitations and outlining new opportunities that arise from the advanced use of AI.

Attend this talk for insights on the impact of AI in software testing. Learn firsthand about the challenges, opportunities, and ethical considerations from experiments with AI.

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