My tale of playing the Testing Game

Taking on the testing end of level boss is not for everyone. Tread carefully!

When we imagine improving as a tester as if we're playing an RPG, many interesting observations can be made. We level up, we get stronger, but we cannot all face the ultimate challenge.

Hello new player, welcome to Testing RPG. This is a dungeon crawling RPG (Role Playing Game) where each dungeon floor is procedurally generated with awesome companies to do quests for. Create a new character in the Tester Class and do quests to level up and go to the next floor of the dungeon. Maybe YOU will be the one to slay the end of level boss on the fourth floor? Many have gone before you and failed...

With each level up you gain new abilities. The first floor is relatively easy, with quests that focus on training you in the basic abilities of the Tester Class. You will gain achievements such as "ISTQB Enjoyer" and "My First Automated Test". The second and third floor will expand your character with abilities such as Team Work and Exploratory Testing. Some brave souls enter the final floor of the dungeon where the end of level boss awaits. None have returned. What happened to them? What is going on on the fourth floor of the dungeon in Testing RPG?

Well, dear Agile Testing Days enjoyer, I have played Testing RPG for more than ten years and ended up on the fourth floor by accident. I'm here to tell you the tale of what happened. No amount of quest rewards and stat increases could prepare me for the final boss fight.

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