Get a grip on your quality by using Quality Views

Assessing quality of different systems owned by different teams can be a challenge. Quality Views help us achieve exactly that!

Quality is complex. Quality is subjective. Even if we all talk about the same system and have the same professional background, our assessment of a system’s quality might wildly differ. So, when I got the request to detect the quality gaps among multiple teams, I knew I needed a uniform way to scan and assess in order to provide this information.

This is when I discovered Colin Breck’s Quality Views. What initially was meant to only help me detect the next focus area as a test engineer, turned out to be a powerful tool that helped the teams and our management to create a common understanding of our systems and their quality. Quality Views help us balance the effort put in delivering new functionality to customers with the effort needed to improve & maintain the quality of our systems.

I hope that by sharing my experience with Quality Views:

- you’ll see the potential of applying this tool in your organisation,

- enable your organisation to move faster by improving your quality

- and establish a uniform way of assessing quality of any type of systems you own (customer facing or not).

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