Experience Autism Self-Support Groups

An interactive group discussion based on the Autism Self-Support Groups (PASS) in Belgium.


8:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Wednesday 15th


Creative Space Room - Track 9: Bonus Sessions




  • Autism
  • Feeling belonging
  • Learning in Empathy
  • Learning about self-support groups

Experience the power of connecting and sharing autism-related thoughts.

Today I host a table discussion to share experiences about autism. This table discussion will based on the methodology of "PASD*" , a peer support group for adults on the autism spectrum in Belgium. On a monthly basis the group comes together to share insights about a specific topic in relation to their autism.

Being a leader at PASD* for years I heard dozens of stories of people like myself. It's about sharing insights, learning skills and tools to add to our mental backpack. What works in specific scenarios? What doesn't? What have you tried?

During this interactive group discussion you will likely hear stories of people that experiences the same struggles like you. Some of them found a specific tool or skill to cope a situation. In other topics you will have the skill or tool and you will be able to share it into the mental backpack of others.

In this session everyone is welcome! No matter if you are diagnosed with autism or if you are working or living with autistic people or if you just want to learn more about autism.


*"PASD" is an unofficial English translation of "PASS". "PASS" is a Dutch acronym.

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