Don’t go breaking my code

The cinematic concept of technicolor applies to software and teamwork too - we build a complete picture by using layers of one single color. Without one color (perspective) the picture is not complete

*A tester and a developer enter the stage. The tester stomps towards the developer.*

Tester: Everything is broken! I can’t create new users! As soon as I use emojis it crashes!

Developer: Wait what? Why would … A user would never do that. That’s a wild edge case.

*Sudden dramatic music plays. Tester takes a step backwards and gasps. She turns to the audience with a dramatic gesture*

Tester: Why is he always shrugging me off when I raise a problem? Am I stupid? Does he think I am? I feel like such a failure.

*Developer silently watches the tester for a few seconds. He turns to the audience, sighing dramatically with a sad look on his face*

Developer: Why does she keep bringing up these theoretical risks? Can’t she see that I’m focused on solving another problem right now? All of these sudden switches keep breaking my flow.

*Tester and developer stand in silence, facing the audience. Soft music starts playing.*

Narrator: Will our heroes find common ground or will their differences prove too much of a divide? Are emotions running too high for them to see that they share the same goal? They are standing so close, but are worlds apart. Oh woe is us! Only a miracle can save us now.