Beyond Doubt: Everyone Can Be a Leader, Here's How

Exploring leadership vs. management: understanding influence, navigating impostor syndrome, and recognizing one's innate leadership role.

Years ago a manager and leader asked me if I want to be a manager or leader. At that time, both things were the same for me and I answered I want to be a manager. Not too long ago, I was pulled aside by that person and got a stern talking from him that as a leader I have responsibilities and need to be more conscious how and what I say and do. This came as a surprise to me.

Majority of times a good manager is also a leader, however a leader does not have to be manager. Striving to be one or the other starts with realizing the differences between both.

In this talk I will share

  • What it means to be a leader and how it differs from being a manager
  • How to become a leader
  • How to deal with impostor syndrome on this journey

I am going to share tips and tricks on how to be in control of your own destiny, creating opportunities for yourself, what a ladder of inference is and how it can guide us and help us achieve our goals.

In the end of the talk you may realize that you are already a leader within your space and organization without truly knowing it. This realization will then dawn on you that with great power comes a great responsibility.

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