Become a bug free version of yourself

105-minute Workshop

You can easily adapt Agile in your selfcare routine to improve your personal life


10:45 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Wednesday 15th


Room D1+D2 - Track 7: Workshops


People who want to benefit in their personal life of the structure that Agile gives you


  • Learn how to implement Agile in your personal life
  • Creating a personal manifesto gives you a clear sense of your priorities
  • Agile does not only provides a guide on what you want to prioritize, but also want you want to follow through
  • A product outline helps you think about what you want to accomplish
  • It makes you want to become creative

How Agile can help you to deliver yourself an improved life

Our behavior and way of thinking have programmed themselves. So they are actually your personal operating system. It is your conditioning, set of beliefs that make up your reality. Unconsciously, you are also partly programmed with wrong software and corrupt files. So why don't we use Agile to make ourself bug free?

Surrounding the New Year or after an impactful event we make new resolutions for ourself. We start of with a good mindset but by lack of correct tools and a good plan of action, okay also discipline we fail most of the time. But we need those good atomic habits to develop myself. Do you recognise yourself?

After all we need these habits to grow in life as a person. After Ineke designed herself a working way to recover from her burnout during covid-outbreak using the agile tools. She shared her knowledge with her colleague Justine and so this workshop got created. And now Ineke got diagnosed with cancer we once again see how using these tools can help you find direction in the madness that is sometimes called life.

We will be using a bit of theory and lots of examples and exercises to show you how you can use the agile tools to reach your desired progression in your personal life. You will work individually and get inspiration by discussing it with other team members. We want this workshop to help you develop your mental wellbeing so you can progress into your desired life.

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