AgileTD 15th Anniversary 90s Party

Oops! ... We do it again ... a huge party for all our lovely attendees with good food, entertainment, live music and dancing!

This year we are going to celebrate a 90s party. It is a tradition every year to invite all Agile Testing Days participants to a big social event in a relaxed atmosphere. This evening is all about fun, networking and making new friends.

THIS YEAR'S DRESS CODE: 90s style! Whatever this means to you. Get dressed as a Girl or Boy-band member, dress-up like people of the Ravers Nation did, or if dressing up is not your kind of thing do it as Kurt Cobain said: "Come as you are"!


08:00 pm to 10:00 pm - Dinner Time

10:00 pm to 23:55 pm - Party Time with Live Bands & DJ


It is already a tradition to masquerade during the MIATPP Award Night! Se below all the themes we hand in the past:

- proper "Oktoberfest" in 2010

- spooky Halloween Party in 2013

- Carnival Night in 2014

- “Wild Wild West” Party in 2015

- "Ho-Ho-Holy", but not Silent Night in 2016

- FUNTESTIC Super Hero Night in 2017

- glamorous Hollywood Gala in 2018 

- unforgetable 80s Glam Rock Party in 2019

- Intergalactic [Online] Space Party in 2020

- good ol' fifties Rock'n'Roll Party in 2021

- charming Fairytale Party in 2022


Don’t miss our this year's exciting party taking place in the rooms F1–F3.

Please note: we are giving away free conference tickets for the best costumes! Check out the winners of the past years:

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