Speaker Prep Workshop Part 1

Activities and workshops for speakers - make your message and delivery even better with playful (and challenging) things to do.

An afternoon of workshops and activites, some welcoming, some more challenging, all sharing.

Part 1: drop-in to focus on general speaking stuff. May include…

  • Getting to a great abstract
  • What makes a “great talk”? Bring your own examples.
  • Share your preparation checklist
  • Greatest fails – and how to avoid them
  • Speaker tricks; delivering a great performance
  • How to conduct yourself and sense the audience
  • Dealing with the Q&A.
  • What to follow up after a talk
  • How to keep the energy when you’re doing the same talk again and again.
  • Second language: speaking in English to non-English audiences.
  • Practicing and rehearsing
  • Improvisation exercises


Part 2: sharing workshops focussed on the talks to be delivered at ATD.

  • Making your key content even more memorable
  • Feedback – do your talk in 2 minutes, get feedback, do it again
  • Polish your presentation
  • Visualising your talk structure
  • Practice Q&A

Part 1 is a drop-in session, and we’ll follow the direction of the participants. Part 2 will be more structured.



-Helping your audience to focus on your content

-Being a better speaker

-Feeling more comfortable on stage

-Useful feedback on your own talk