React, Testing and Chess

UI Testing can prove difficult for React-heavy codebases.

In this workshop, we will use different types of tests (unit, component, subcutaneous, and others) to recreate the rules of chess while at the same time assembling a test strategy for our project.

React has consistently gained popularity within the programming community, so much so that it was the most popular web development language in StackOverflow’s 2021 Developer Survey.

However, as it still happens with many front-end technologies, following common best practices while using it can prove to be a challenge. Testing is one such heuristic.

In this workshop, we will implement different types of tests for our React code to bring the rules of chess to a bare-bones version of the game. While this will not be a ‘from-scratch’ workshop, we will go over the basics of both React and testing as well as more advanced techniques such as refactoring, clean code, mocking vs stubbing while taking full advantage of React’s features. Culminating in a robust test strategy and guidelines on how to create your own.

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