Human Connection: The Key to a Beneficial Pairing Experience

Human connection is the foundation for any pairing technique to be effective

“Pairing does not work... it is time-consuming and unlike what we see in workshops and conferences. When we do it in real life it is very difficult and not productive.” Have you heard such complaints about pairing or even experienced some of these pains?

Many people think that pairing is just a technique. So, if we are not experiencing the benefits of pairing, we blame the technique or its implementation. What if there is more to it?

We discovered that human connection is the key to successful pairing. In fact, concepts from Transactional Analysis like contracts and strokes help us build not only a professional relationship but also a human connection. Join this talk to learn concrete steps on how to do it in your context. In the end, how we treat the other human is fundamental for any pairing technique to be effective!