An interactive city tour through Agile BI City

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Learn the steps that will help you to quickly deliver value with Agile Business Intelligence, and set up your project team for success.

You will learn what you need to consider for your Agile BI project. By means of practical tasks, you will learn how to deliver added value to your clients early and continuously.

Are you about to start your first Business Intelligence (BI) or Data Warehousing (DWH) project that you want to handle in an agile way? Or you are already in the middle of it and somehow agility in the BI context doesn't really work out? Then this guided tour through Agile BI City is just right for you. You can't "do" agility. Increased agility - e.g. in the context of BI and DWH system development - is much more the abstract long-term goal of a journey, both for you and your organization. As a tour guide, we take you along in this interactive workshop and guide you once across "Agile BI City". Our GPS for Agile BI, GABI for short, plays a central role in this: In the form of more than 30 stations, divided into eight districts, you will be given a practical orientation aid so that you - back in your own organization - can orient yourself on your own Agile BI journey. We start our tour in Inception Beach. Here we look at how to start an Agile BI project. In a practical exercise, you choose your favorites among the inception activities. Then it's on to Westside-Requirements, where requirements elicitation in an agile context and contemporary planning activities meet. In small groups you will develop a scope breakdown for a fictitious BI project and write your first user stories. After a short breather, we continue our city tour in Central-Technology. The focus here is on the technological foundations for Agile BI, such as DWH and test automation. In Downtown-Patterns we learn more about the importance of design patterns and standards as the basis for an agile approach. Moving on to Uptown-Process, we'll tour various agile processes, such as Scrum, and work in groups to consider how they stack up in the context of Agile BI. To conclude our two-hour discovery tour, you'll have the opportunity to think about your own journey toward Agile BI. If you apply the Agile BI City map to your own organization: Where are you right now? Which parts of the city do you already know well, and which are still worth exploring? Where do you have specific questions? Your tour guides will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with information. At the end of the workshop, you will not only have a map in hand that gives you an overview of the possible waypoints on your journey to more agility in BI and DWH projects. You will also have gained your first practical experience and thought about concrete steps for your further journey.

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