What happened as we tried an experiment. Let’s explore it!

A story of a diverse ensemble test team while working from home

Have the courage to do experiments and allow failures. Something magical can happen.

I believe in collaboration, I believe in diversity, and I believe in the whole team approach. However the fact that I believe in those values does not necessarily mean others believe them too.

So, the question is “How do I share my message successfully with the team?” After experiments, failures, and frustration I found my answer. It’s ensemble testing in a cross-functional team. Instead of talking about my desires to collaborate, we collaborated. Instead of talking about diversity, we shared our ideas.

Instead of pushing for quality ownership, we started testing together. What started as an experiment is now part of our quality strategy. So I do not just believe that ensemble testing with a cross-functional team is incredibly valuable, I experienced it.

I want to share the story of our cross-functional ensemble testing team. How it changed our way of collaborating and testing and how it helped us stay connected while working from home.