The Serverless Journey of Tess The Tester

From Servers To Serverless And Back Again

Follow the story of Tess the Tester as she overcomes her own server-oriented biases to bring greater agility to her organization's product release process without sacrificing quality

Tess is a senior tester for a small startup. She is comfortable in the world of servers and has gotten used to the crunch time in the weeks before every quarterly release. When the product was small and simple, Tess's life was pretty good. But as the company has grown, the product has gotten more complex and releases are getting more and more challenging and stressful. Company management has decided to start a new initiative that embraces continuous delivery and serverless technologies to achieve greater agility.

Management has asked Tess to lead the testing effort on this new service. Tess's first attempts at solving the problem are a disaster. Tess doesn't let go of her old ways of doing things. Meanwhile, new problems are showing up like: How do you release serverless microservices that change multiple times per day without coordinating their changes? How do you prevent team A from breaking its contract with team B and causing the product as a whole to break in production?

Find out how Tess overcomes these challenges and grows as a tester and a leader within the company.