Testing in the Blockchain

25-minute Talk

Blockchain is more than just Bitcoin and other volatile cryptocurrencies but could be the next big evolution to both software design and testing.


10:45 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Thursday 18th


Room F3 - Track 3: Talks


Tester, Manager, Developer, Architect


  • Understanding Blockchain
  • Testing Blockchain
  • Future Design Thinking

Unravelling the mystery behind this game-changing technology

Blockchain is one of those innovative technologies that either excites you or scares you. Thanks to the rapid rises and falls of Cryptocurrencies and a lot of the unknowns and inherent risks with blockchain technology, many businesses are looking into the technology, but are suitably scared by it.

From a testing perspective though that still offers several concerns, most importantly how we can test blockchain systems and how we can perhaps use blockchain to build better quality software.

In this talk I want to first introduce the idea of blockchain technology, which is not something that everyone understands and help them try to make sense of it, explaining the technology in simple terms. I will then follow this by sharing a few short examples of what is capable with the technology (beyond just cryptocurrencies) before diverging into the important testing aspects of how we as test professionals can look to test applications utilising this technology and also utilising the technology to build solutions that can naturally deliver better software quality.

In this talk, I want to highlight a few things:

  • Discuss what blockchain technology is and how it works.
  • How blockchain can impact future software development?
  • How do we test blockchain solutions?
  • How do we utilise the blockchain to improve the quality of software design?

While Blockchain itself can be quite complex, I do not plan to make my talk too technical and am gearing it for all audiences. I will share some high-level architecture diagrams and small samples of code, but outside f that, keep it very lightweight and practical.

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