Limitless within our boundaries

Understand the paradox of choice and how being inside boundaries can actually help us achieve our goals.

“We could accomplish so much more if we had that…” Sounds familiar? In this fast changing world of building software, it’s easy to think we can only achieve our goals if we have access to a whole lot of things – that shiny new tool, those cutting edge skills, a group of people with that expertise… However, sometimes we are so blinded by our lack of options that we fail to see the downsides of having too many of them. It’s called the paradox of choice. I’ve seen this paradox happening around me my whole life – not just in tech, but in so many other areas: as a musician, as a film addict, in the supermarket… You name it! This talk is not just about the paradox of choice, but also about how sometimes within the right boundaries is where our most interesting opportunities arise. In fact, magical stuff has been made throughout history when few options were available. On the other hand, there are a lot of stories of things that went wrong because people had too many options to choose from. Let me share some of those stories that influenced me as a professional, as well as some others of my own! I will show you how managing our choices can be one of the keys to success and what it means to be limitless within our boundaries!

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