Keeping the customer satisfied

Agile Coaches have customer too

In this presentation I will explain how as agile coaches can keep our stakeholders satisfied

In my latest book I describe the things that customers want. In order to deliver solutions that create happy customers they should have insight in wat they purchase, they want to have control and be able to adapt their product or subscription, it should be safe and reliable, delivered fast and cheap.

While writing the book it occurred to me that agile coaches have customers also. In this presentation I will explain how these items apply to agile coaching as well and how as agile coaches can keep our stakeholders satisfied.

We’ll discuss coaching agreements, transformational roadmaps and embedding the way of working in the obeya room as means to provide insight. How we can allow adaptivity in our coaching, What Agile coaches can do provide safety and how e.g., self service can be applied to reduce costs and speed up delivery.

How does this apply in distributed teams and what self-service coaching can we define? But, most of all I will share practices and explain how they can be used to make an impact, deliver value and keep our customer satisfied. Attend this talk when you want to learn some effective practices and gain understanding how they relate to each other. When you want work on the satisfaction of your internal customers.