How to nudge your way through agile testing

45-minute Keynote

We are very aware of biases that are a threat to delivering software quality. But those biases can also be used to our advantage and there is a name for it: nudging.


9:15 a.m. – 10:15 a.m. Thursday 18th


Room F1+F2+F3 - Plenary


agile testers, test management, PO's


  • become aware of the psychological processes that work inside our heads
  • how can we use those psychological processes to our advantage
  • how nudging works as a choice architecture
  • examples how to apply nudging to agile testing
  • the ethical side of nudging

how can we use nudging (using choice architecture) when we are doing agile testing?

Biases have been the subject of quite some talks on stage nowadays. Biases that are a threat to delivering high-quality software. And for sure there is a lot to worry about, we all know for example that we assume that we know exactly what our stakeholders want, and we still produce not working software. But is it also possible to use those biases in the favor of quality and testing? In fact, there is a way that biases are used positively, and it has a name: nudging. Nudging uses ‘choice architecture’, which means creating a situation where you can make an unconscious choice for a good purpose. It is used a lot in marketing and politics, for example how a grocery store, using green arrows to the fruit and veggie aisles, increase the sale of healthy food. I looked at different opportunities that nudging gives us for the sake of better agile testing. For example, in a refinement or in a discussion about bugs or when we are delivering our results to our team or our stakeholders. In my talk, I will elaborate more on what nudging exactly is, the ethical questions around nudging, and how we can apply nudging while testing. It will be an exploration so bear with me.

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