Grow Your Technical Confidence

Shift your perception and focus on learning - enjoy your journey of becoming technically confident!

  • Have you ever heard yourself saying “I’m not technical”?
  • Have you ever looked at code and felt overwhelmed right away?
  • Have you ever shied away from using the command line and instead looked for a graphical interface?
  • Have you wanted to change this yet found it hard to gather courage and find guidance where to start on this journey?

If that is you, there’s a way out. I’ve been there myself and learned over the years that a lot of this is based on mere perception, from the outside world and from messages we internalized ourselves. “Oh, that’s too technical for you, you won’t understand this.”

“You’re not technical, you don’t code.” The key is changing this perception, starting with ourselves by growing our confidence that we can do this indeed and then honing our skills. Every tiny step will increase our understanding and help us be better at our job - no matter the role we identify with right now.

Let’s grow our technical confidence together in this workshop. We will look at code samples to discover what we can already make sense of and enable us to ask better questions. We will go through pull requests to understand what changed and the potential impact of these changes. We will make our first steps on the command line to get familiar with a text-based interface and discover the possibilities it offers. Let’s make all of this less scary and re-discover the fun of learning!