Git Like A Pro For Beginners

Don’t “Git” in trouble by learning the version control system Git!

What is it about? Copying of files in a time-stamped directory or by renaming the files itself is often used to keep older versions. This approach is very common because it looks so simple in the first place, but it is actually incredibly error prone.

In today’s world of CI/CD pipelines where new versions of our production and test code has to be checked out at speed, it is unthinkable to have such a version control system in place. So what are you waiting for?

Let’s go and get a proper version control system in place for your CI/CD pipelines! But not only the selection and usage of a version control system makes you knowledgeable, no, learning by making frugal experiments, failing, pairing and explaining it to others is what makes you a brave explorer and brings you to success. Why should I take this tutorial?

Start using the version control System Git can be daunting and frustrating. But knowing how Git works and how to use it to your advantage in your unique context is getting more and more essential if not even crucial. Especially if you want to work with CI/CD and take care collaboratively on the productive and test automation codebase in your team, you have to know Git.

It is a long way to the top if you want to Rock ‘n’ Roll with Git and this tutorial is the perfect start for it. You will learn how to use the basic and more advanced commands on the command line and on the server side. You will pair up with another caver and dive deep into Git models and concepts hands-on based on a storyline. 10x? This course will not make you a 10x Tester, Developer, PO, Scrum Master, Manager… but you may feel like one afterwards! Whether you have just started working with Git or want to refresh your existing knowledge or you are a novice and eager to learn it, come in and let’s explore Git!

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