Congratulations, now you are a tester!

Lessons learned from moving from coding to testing

Fun, easy-going story about my switch from developer to tester. We will talk about lessons learned, mistakes made and the importance of story telling

About 10 years ago I decided to move from my role as developer to work full time with testing and test management. Eager to learn how to do it right - I read everything I came across about test methods, test techniques, test management and "Best practices" for testing.

So, confident in knowing my stuff, I took on my first project as tester / test lead. And then reality hit. During these ten years, I have made almost every mistake you can make in collaboration and communicating.

I will talk about the different "characters" I have identified, in myself, during my journey. Through the besserwisser, the stickler for rules, the ”must I do everything myself” and the helicopter parent to becoming an advocate for quality throughout the development chain. Among other things, it will be about Cem Kaner’s principles of Bug Advocacy, the power of asking the right questions in the right way, differences in mindset and how much more fun working can be if you stop swimming against the current.