BDD - a quick guide on how & why to not hate it

Learning the fundamental skills that make BDD and Specification by Example a success

BDD (which states for Behaviour Driven Development) is one of the best knows abbreviations for IT people.

I can assume, that at least 80% of familiar with its concept. The very simple concept to be honest. However, with simplicity comes responsibility...

The old sentence defines the game of chess as "Minutes to learn, a lifetime to master". In fact, the same sentence can be used to describe Scrum methodology. The whole guide, indeed, has just 18 pages! But there are still much too many people complaining it's crap. From my and others experience, there are 2 main reasons for that: bad understanding of its real game rules and lack of experience of the person responsible for an introduction. What if the same happens for BDD approach? What if skip that only because of such trivial reasons?

During the workshop, I'll show you why methodology that emerged from Test Driven Development became so popular. I'll learn you not just rules and good practices but particularly how to avoid those bad ones. And, to let you feel the real value instead of just the theory, I'll show you the life example and how business can help you in implementation.