Testing a Data Science model

30-minute Talk

I’d like to share how I explored the world of data science when testing a model and how we can apply that if we find ourselves in this situation. It is an emerging area for testers and exciting.

Virtual Pass session


12:05 p.m. – 12:45 p.m. Wednesday 11th


Everyone interested in learning how to test a data science based model that can be stochastic.


  • Have a better understanding of what data science is
  • Know how we can test models
  • Know what existing skills we already have that we can apply in a data science team
  • Leave with resources to help our teams’ better structure itself to have confidence in the data produced
  • We'll look at what did or didn't work

Discover data science testing

I would like to share my knowledge about testing a model in a data science team. I appreciate this is a new area for testers to be in, but it has been a great experience to learn from.


-Be ready to make notes

-Be ready to learn something very new

-Be ready to ask questions

I have heard from other senior testers around the world that they know of data science teams but no testers testing the models, how do we have enough confidence what is produced is good enough? A model is a statistical black box, how to test it so we understand its behaviours to test is properly. Main aim would be to help inspire testers to explore data science models.

I’d like to invite you to my talk where, we will go through my journey of discovering data science model testing and find the following takeaways useful not just for testing a data science model but day to day testing too.

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