Surviving toxic workplace culture: a mentoring story

Follow a test engineer and her mentor through a tale of toxic learning environments, a struggle for recognition and a twist of fate that profoundly changed two careers.

Learning new skills is essential for any Agile environment. Companies expect T-shaped employees that work in multiple disciplines, across several teams and in complex technical environments riddled with dependencies. You’d expect those same companies to understand that in order to get employees skilled enough to deal with such challenges, the learning environment is critical.

So how does one deal with these challenges? That was exactly what Anne Colder, working as a tester at a large bank in a mainframe environment, had to deal with. After a year of struggling, the department decided to hire a consultant to help with test automation, and Anne spotted her chance: maybe having a mentor would help.

When Vincent Wijnen, the test automation consultant, decided to take Anne on as a mentee, he did not yet know what he signed up for. Join both Anne and Vincent on their journey as mentor and mentee. Learn how to become a better mentor, how workplace culture was a critical factor in their story and how a healthy and diverse workplace benefits everyone.

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