November 10 – 12, 2020

Online Edition!

Recognizing Unwanted Bias in Technology

Camille Eddy

Technologists and Designers have cultural blindspots that make their way into consumer products.

How AI has been used in personal data

How data sets for popular applications have been created

Authors and grassroots organizations


Recognizing Unwanted Bias in Technology

The makers of this movement are designers, researchers, engineers, grassroots authors and YOU.

Since last year's ATD USA instances of unwanted bias in technology have grown and we have learned more about our "bias blind spots" in the tech industry. We will unpack these examples and solutions.

In a world that is being increasingly run on technology do we understand how algorithms make their decisions? We can attempt to understand the unfolding story by examining where unwanted bias has filtered through consumer products and how engineers built products to understand bias, particularly in popular data sets.

The purpose of this talk is to walk through everyday examples of services we all use and explore several opportunities to improve the outcome. What we can do to create a culturally informed technologist community and what is important for the evolution of tech are deeply intertwined with each other.

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