November 10 – 12, 2020

Online Edition!


Put testing on the map

Addressing the developer testing strategy

This workshop we discuss test strategy based on three aspects of testing: the function for the system under test; the place in the process when we build the test; and running in the delivery pipeline.

Testing 1, 2, 3, … We know we have to. But what does good testing look like? Let’s puzzle that out together!

Yes, we know about TDD, and BDD, but that only provides part of the picture. Testing a modern application takes a broad and versatile approach. It’s not always easy to know what to do or where to start, and it can be even harder explaining what’s necessary to those not versed in software development.

In this workshop, we will build three maps: system, process and delivery pipeline. We’ll learn how each type of testing fits as a puzzle piece to complete the picture on each map. We’ll work in groups to find out what function each test has for your system, how and when you might implement them in the process flow of a sprint, and when to run them in a deployment pipeline.

For coaches and managers, this session aims to provide the understanding of testing in purpose and process to create an agile test strategy at work. The more technically inclined can use the material to generate new ideas on what to test, and to discuss testing approaches with peers and management.

We’ll go over what kind of testing will help to decouple dependencies, what tests to write for the UI without devolving in slow end-to-end tests, making sure everything works when running together, and how all that works over the course of a sprint.

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