Preventing burnout while working in the Tech industry

Learn productivity, mindfulness and social hacks to prevent burnout based on my real life experience

While working on our daily tasks in agile teams, we quite often have this feeling where we are working on multiple tasks all day long and at the end of day when we review our work, we realize we haven’t accomplished anything concrete. The main reason for this is, our work environments are filled with distractions from having unnecessary and unproductive meetings to people constantly checking their messages on phones, emails and slack channels. As a result, we feel demotivated, less productive and burnt out by the end of the day. Burnout is a serious issue and is attributed to a lot of mental and health issues. I was one such person who after working around the clock and helping people 24/7 ended up getting admitted to the hospital. How do we prevent this repetitive cycle from happening on a daily basis? This is where mindfulness and productivity hacks can help.

In this talk, I will share my real life experiences from experimenting with different mindfulness and productivity hacks which ended up helping me get more focus, regain my mental and physical health and most of all made me fall in love with technology all over again. Some of these hacks include doing deep work, different tips and tricks to prioritize tasks, deal with emails, make meetings more productive, effective engagement with remote teams and much more. Come join my journey and become the best version of yourself.

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