Extreme Pairing

Grow Your Pairing Skills

Leave your comfort zone and enter the learning zone - pairing is the one skill that everyone should learn in their career to get anywhere they want!

Are you tired of pushing tasks back and forth between requirements engineering, development, testing and operations? Have you always wanted to dive deeper into a certain area of expertise yet are not sure where and how to start? Have you discovered the benefits of pairing for yourself and are eager to hone these skills and become a better pairing partner?

Pairing up with another person to work on the same task at the same time provides many advantages like sharing implicit knowledge, effective problem solving, generating more ideas faster, and keeping ourselves focused to learn and get things done with better outcome. This collaborative approach can help you achieve a lot in a short time, yet for that to happen we need to learn how to do it well. Pairing comes in many shapes: traditional, strong-style, ping pong, and more. You can have various setups: one keyboard or two, one screen or two, co-located or remote. Different constraints lead to different collaboration dynamics and results – so let’s try them all and experience something new together.

Join us in this extreme, hands-on and fun workshop where you can safely experiment with different pairing styles, on various topics, with different people – and learn what works best for you to tackle your challenges!

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