November 10 – 12, 2020

Online Edition!

Daily Ensemble Session

Joep Schuurkes

Elizabeth Zagroba

Elisabeth Hocke

Simon Berner

Learning is the key to working in an ensemble.

Kindness, consideration and respect allow an ensemble to function well.

Practicing working in ensemble will take your collaboration skills to the next level.


Daily Ensemble Session

Practicing together is the best way to learn how to collaborate in an ensemble.

Are you curious to try out ensemble (or mob) programming or testing? Are you thinking of facilitating an ensemble at your office, but would like to practice a bit first? Have you been working in an ensemble for a while and want to try it with other experienced people? Or do you just want to see an ensemble in action? Then join our daily ensemble session! We have four experienced facilitators (Lisi Hocke, Simon Berner, Elizabeth Zagroba, Joep Schuurkes) to guide you.

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