Being at your best

Finding a metaphor for being or working at your best can be very powerful. When done in a group it will allow you to quickly check in on team members and understand where they are in that moment.

How often can you be at your best at work? Do you know how to get into that state? Do you know what others on your team need to be and stay at their best?

Now that remote work will drastically increase it becomes harder to tell how everyone is doing. The usual cues that we have when we sit close to each other will be gone. And some people may need to find new ways of getting into flow and staying focused, just because working from home alone is different from a team setting where everybody is just a shout away.

Supporting mechanisms that we developed at work break away and we may not even realize how essential they were for our state unless we start exploring what it means for us to be at our best.

In this workshop you will be introduced to and practice some of the basic techniques of Clean Language and Systemic Modeling to explore the question „When you are working at your best that’s like what?“ in small groups.

Clean Language is a set questions that are non-leading and assumption free. Systemic Modeling is the art of using Clean Language to explore mental models in individuals or groups. It leads to paying exquisite attention and encouraging curiosity about one another.

Come to this workshop to find the supporting structures you need, discover different ways of working and collaborate to translate that to the new work environment. I will share how I use this and variations of this question to help teams to better collaborate.

No prior knowledge required.

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