NOV. 15 – 18, 2021

Being a tester after trying almost everything else

João Proença

Understand how context can make someone disgruntled with testing and not the job itself.

Learn key insights from other professional domains in tech that can make us better test engineers.

Knowing how a developer, customer support professional or others think allows you to better interact with people in these roles.


Being a tester after trying almost everything else

I was a tester that got so disgruntled with his work that I spent years doing a lot of other things instead... and then came back to testing! Let me tell you what all those other roles taught me!

Ten years ago, I was a tester. Until I became so disgruntled with my work that I didn’t want to do it anymore. Ever again. So, I started doing a lot of other things instead. I was a developer, a support engineer, I led an Ops team, and even worked in Marketing! And finally, I returned to the quality world.

Funnily enough, working on so many different roles allowed me to become a better engineer and tester. So I’d like to share with you how trying out new roles made me develop new skills that were also useful for my job as a tester. It also improved the way I interacted with different people and made me look at things differently. For example, do you know what’s usually the most effective way to diagnose a bug submitted by a customer? Or can you guess what I struggled with the most as an engineer finding his place in a marketing department? I’ll answer these questions and more!

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