Agile Morning e-Yoga

Release your inner unicorn

Being Agile is all about thinking out of the box, being free and open-minded with a boundless heart. One way to accomplish this kind of mindset is through sports. Yoga can help to get back that extra power you need to find your inner peace – and to go on in this hectic and full conference schedule. loosen up those tight muscles and get a breeze of fresh air in your brains to get the most of your Agile Testing Days. You will need some extra strength to keep up with the brilliant crowd of speakers and fellow attendees.

In this session you will learn some methods and exercises that you can use throughout the whole day to reload your batteries again and again! We will flow through some movements, breathing and attention exercises to relax, activate and focus our energy and attention.


And please remember: drink enough water (or whatever you like 😊), make sure to get some fresh air in between sessions and stand up from time to time.

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